Operations-focused problem solving for business: small, medium and large

We help businesses streamline operations, save time and money, improve safety & productivity, engage employees and help deliver greater value to customers

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Henshaw Advisory – Sharpening Operations for greater value delivery

We see Operations at the epicentre of creating and delivering value

Our guiding principles:

  • Integrity – We act in the best interests of our clients and their customers
  • Focus – We focus on customer satisfaction and return on effort
  • Quality – We provide effective and reliable service
  • Practicality – We use simplified processes and tools to provide quick insight and practical results
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Existing Operations

Business success is an outcome of the daily activities in your Operation. Focus on your high impact opportunities to make the most difference.

  • Listen to your employees and understand customers’ needs
  • Identify your high impact opportunities
  • Fit the ‘right’ solutions – tap the knowledge in your employees
  • Target your efforts
  • Develop and implement actionable and impactful plans
  • Measure results – risk registers, revenue, costs, time, customer satisfaction (NPS), employee engagement

Henshaw Advisory can help solve these problems;

  • Reduce incidents, injury rates and operating risk
  • Save operating costs through increasing Operations efficiency and eliminating waste
  • Connect the design process to operations for well-conceived projects – Improve solution fit for operating problems
  • Get attention on high impact operating issues – build better business cases
  • Lift Employee Engagement
  • Reliably meet expectations for Customer Satisfaction – understand what your customer really needs
  • Connecting daily operations to Customer

New Developments and Projects

Operability is a major factor in the success of any project. Yet ‘Operations’ are often not in the room when the key decisions are made. Bring the ‘Operations voice’ to your project table to reduce risk, improve operational efficiency, reduce operating costs and build better projects.

What’s next?

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Paul Henshaw

Ph: 0414 539 364

E: paul.henshaw@henshawadvisory.com.au

Paul has 25 years’ experience in operations, engineering & maintenance, project management and consulting. His experience has been across a wide range of industries including mining, renewable energy, building & construction, lean manufacturing, petrochemical/major hazards and marine terminalling. Paul brings a focused and systematic engineering approach to support operations in realising their potential.
BEng Hons (Mechanical), Dip Mgt